Monday, July 2, 2012

Not on schedule at all

I basically spent a bunch of time messing around with crap I told myself not to mess around with, namely graphics, setting up a virtual server using Windows Azure, playing with that, setting up a local server, exposing that server to the internet, and so forth.

But, here's some things I have decided:

  • All the backend work will be done in c#, because fuck php. If I need to pay for a host that will server up .net mvc or webservices, so be it. I'll just do all the development locally anyhow.
  • I'll use a MySql database.
  • That's as far as I've gotten here.
Tomorrow I might actually write some code!

EDIT: Turns out my host supports Django but it's a bitch to set up:

Was thinking of learning python/django, and that would be useful, but I also just want to get this going as quick as possible. So fuck it, php? I have no idea.


K said...

> "get this going as quick as possible"
Whats the project?

K said...

I read further, a web based GameOfThrones game! :D