Monday, July 2, 2012

Not on schedule at all

I basically spent a bunch of time messing around with crap I told myself not to mess around with, namely graphics, setting up a virtual server using Windows Azure, playing with that, setting up a local server, exposing that server to the internet, and so forth.

But, here's some things I have decided:

  • All the backend work will be done in c#, because fuck php. If I need to pay for a host that will server up .net mvc or webservices, so be it. I'll just do all the development locally anyhow.
  • I'll use a MySql database.
  • That's as far as I've gotten here.
Tomorrow I might actually write some code!

EDIT: Turns out my host supports Django but it's a bitch to set up:

Was thinking of learning python/django, and that would be useful, but I also just want to get this going as quick as possible. So fuck it, php? I have no idea.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Wasting time

So I just spent an hour or more doing various things, none of which were productive:

  • Tried to see if my was running and if not, why not
  • Wasn't running so attempted to log in to's control panel
  • It wasn't accepted my username and password and not even the reset password dealy worked
  • Called 1and1 and realized it's because they don't support Chrome, wtf
  • Looked into actually paying for a server that would run .Net apps (I love .net btw)
  • Looked into installing mono on the server I get free hosting on
  • Blah blah blah I wasted time I should have spent coding.
I really like .net, that's what I code in at work, but the free hosting I have is a LAMP server, so I guess I'll stick with php for now.

Game of Thrones Video Board Game of Thrones Game

I'm a big fan of Game of Thrones (read all the books twice, watched all the seasons twice), I'm a big fan of global domination games like Risk and Diplomacy, and I'm a medium fan of programming stuff. So I want to put all these things together and create an easy to play online Game of Thrones game.

I know that HBO is working on a MMORPG version of GOT, but I have no interest in that kind of game.

I've started and failed to complete many computer games in the past, and the hardest thing for me on any game is the graphics. So rather than spend hours and hours trying to make things look nice, I'll just get the server side end done well enough and throw together a crappy UI for the time being.